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Better to fight and fall than to live without hope. ~Volsunga, c.12


Theme: "Raiding"

     Inspired by the initial historical raids of the Vikings on Britain, this playful depiction of the times around 793 AD are the theme of a waypoint-based game made in Unity with assets that will all be linked below.

     The player is tasked with boots-on-the-ground traversal of the Northumbrian territories as a mighty viking set on pillaging, burning, and looting whatever they want. There are 5 total levels, each following an overarching narrative within the theme. The gameplay consists of vaulting over dangerous obstacles, avoiding fire, and exploring a slice of dramatized history in good ol' Viking fashion.

     Are you ready to take on Northumbria's men-at-arms and garrisons then plunder? Or will today be the day you knock on Valhalla's great doors?



Designer: Evan Hoffman (B.S. in A.E.T. @ UT Austin)

All assets (visual and auditory) used were not made by me, although all of the level design is entirely original.

Game Code:

All Code (*other than simple floating/rotating/appear/disappear code): Michael Baker
All Other Code Made By Help Of: Erik Bari Dos Reis

Sound Design:

Song: https://freesound.org/people/Kyster/sounds/197113/
Ambiance: https://freesound.org/people/pfranzen/sounds/192072/https://www.freesoundeffects.com/free-sounds/fire-10007/

Visual Design:

https://jprinsloo.itch.io/free-low-poly-medieval-buildings-pack, https://jhonyy.itch.io/low-poly-crates-and-barrels, https://jackdotgriff.itch.io/low-poly-nature-assets, https://korveen.itch.io/lowpoly-environment-pack, https://jaks.itch.io/lowpolyforestpack, https://t-allen-studios.itch.io/free-low-poly-longship

Install instructions

All necessary Unity files are provided on direct download links to separately access both the Windows and Mac version of the game. Extraction from compressed folder will be necessary.


WindowsBuild.zip 32 MB
MacBuild.zip 32 MB

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